Since the foundation, FUNAN Consulting Co. Ltd., has aimed to be a trusted auditing, accounting, taxation, financial management, business consultant, IT advisor, HR consultant, specific training firm by contributing to the development of economic activities through our services. We have placed value on the social independency and offer high-quality and specialized services. In our firm, all the team members communicate closely with clients, have discussions from multiple perspectives and offer tailored advice and professional service. Managers not only check the conclusions formed by staff but also visit on site by themselves before giving appropriate advices suitable to clients' situations. Our auditing team consists of CPAs with high experience and all the team members exchanges their opinion as a professional within the team. Through such unrestricted discussions, we offer efficient, cost-effective and relationship-focused services.. Recent years, business environment around Cambodia has changed drastically. The ASEAN integration is attracting more business activities and FDI. To deal with these rapid changes, FUNAN is well placed to share and provide consulting services to meet regional and complex demands of our clients and offer more high-quality audit, accounting, taxation, financial management, business consultant, IT advisor, HR consulting, specific training services than ever.

To get much more reliance on us, we appreciate the value of face-to-face relationships and endeavour to set the customer care and concern our top priority.

The Managing Director of Funan Consulting Company Limited