I am pleased to submit this message on behalf of all members of staff and the Board of Directors of Funan Consulting Company Limited. Funan is one of the newest entrants to the Cambodian consulting market, which is one of the fastest growing markets in the ASEAN Region. Due to the increase and complex demands of the foreign and local investors in Cambodia, we decided to form this firm. We are staffed with professionals that have worked for the “BIG FOUR” Certified Public Accounting firms starting from the top.

Having arrived in Cambodia in September 1994 to set up the practice of Ernst & Young in the Kingdom, I was one of the pioneers in the audit and accounting profession. I have worked for 29 years in my life and 22 years in the profession with Ernst & Young Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Cambodia and with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Cambodia, 5 years in the Accountancy Education Sector in Cambodia with ACCA and FTMS and the remainder of 2 the years as an Individual Consultant. I will bring all this rich and valuable experience to the development and success of Funan Consulting and help develop the capabilities of the staff.

Funan is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and The General Department of Taxation. We are in the process of obtaining the license from the National Accounting Council and the Kampuchea Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Auditors. We hope to get this in due course. The professional services that Funan will provide are detailed in our website.

We are ready to be of service to all of our clients challenging needs and expectations especially those investors who wish to reap the rewards of the “Asean Economic Community”. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+855) 23 647 9944 or email and visit our website or our Facebook page. Our ambition in Cambodia is to be one of the leading consulting firms in Cambodia and to cater to all the professional needs of our valued clients.

To conclude, if you've been in business for any length of time, you may have heard that old joke about how a consultant is someone who takes the watch off your wrist to tell you what time it is. (Would today's version involve taking your cell phone out of your pocket, instead?) It's true that it's easier than ever, with the Internet, for anyone to hang out the “consultant” shingle and take people's money. But business owners today are also more savvy than ever before, and they're not going to hire just anyone who claims to be a consultant, including accounting consultants, without seeing the real value behind what they offer. This is the value proposition of FUNAN CONSULTING COMPANY LIMITED AND WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU!

Senaka Fernando,
The Chairman of Funan Consulting Company Limited