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Mr. Danh Engkakada, Senior Training Advisor

For the needs, in particular, of management of your personal file as well as your professional career, training, the processing of compensation, and more generally the exercise of your professional activities with the FUNAN, the FUNAN needs to collect, disclose and process data of a personal nature, [Read More...]
Kong Sineath1

Ms. Kong Sineath, Auditor and Tax Assistant

My name is Sineath, Phnom Penh city is my born place. After finishing my high school, I have a desire to become an auditor as well as tax consultant. As we know that in Cambodia we are follow the CIFRS standard (Cambodia International Financial Reporting Standard), which means that we are using one [Read More...]
Lu Lay Pheng1

Ms. Lou Lay Pheng, Auditor and Tax Assistant

I’m a Cambodian national and was born on 06 January 1995 in Phnom Penh. I am Single. In 2010 till 2012 I have been studying English at Pannasastra University of Cambodia. I graduated from high school in 2013. After graduated from high school, I chose studying 2 university such as IFL [Read More...]
Khlang Vattey

Ms. Khlang Vattey, Auditor and Tax Assistant

My name is Khlang Vattey. I grew up in Phnom Penh City. I finished my high school in 2014. And I pursued my bachelor degree in the field of Accounting and Finance at University of Economics and Finance which the program of student’s curriculum is cooperated within the well-known international standard of accounting IAS, ACCA, IFRS. [Read More...]
Nhet Sam Orn

Ms. Nhet Sam Orn, Auditor and Tax Assistant

My name is Nhet Sam Orn and I was born on July 03, 1995 in Kampot Province in Cambodia. After graduated Bacc II from Ang Chork high school, I decided to study Accounting and Finance. [Read More...]