Brief Profile Of Khlang Vattey

My name is Khlang Vattey. I grew up in Phnom Penh City. I finished my high school in 2014. And I pursued my bachelor degree in the field of Accounting and Finance at University of Economics and Finance which the program of student’s curriculum is cooperated within the well-known international standard of accounting IAS, ACCA, IFRS. During the time I was attending my degree; I was also having a practical skill and trained as a clerk and tax consultant which are both related with my accounting knowledge. Moreover, in order to enrich my capacity to be able performing more competitive; I had persisted a bachelor degree of English Communication at Norton University. In addition, I had joint an internship at Cambrew Ltd as an accountant. Thus, I can better communicate my major skill in the environment of work field. Hence, I planned to complete the short course of taxation at National Tax School in order to intensify my capability.